Ahh, Trials and Tribulations of being a Travel Agent – in the beginning!

I became a travel agent because of my own love to travel. It started as a kid, without a doubt.  My Dad was an over-the-road truck driver. His normal route was New York to Los Angeles.  Therefore, we spent out summer vacations in the cab of his truck traveling coast to coast.  At the time, we didn’t think we were “lucky”, we thought another summer away from our friends hanging out.  Remember, there was no facebook, internet, cell phones!  We were missing all of the fun back home and had no idea what was going on!  This is from our very first trip to the West Coast –  we went to Seattle and visited Mt. Rainer.  That’s me on the right, my brother and my dad (my mom was holding the camera)

This is the trip that started off with a bang (literally), my brother and I were in the car in front of the house and my mom and dad were loading it up with our luggage.  My brother and I were either fighting or playing around and inadvertently hit the stick shift and the car went into neutral and rolled out of the driveway with us in it.  Unfortunately, there was a small tree on the passenger side of the car and the door was open –  it bent the door backwards that it touched the front of the car.  Boy, were we in trouble!  Not a way to start a vacation!

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